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Toral Balakrishnan

As a managing partner of RATA Development, Toral Balakrishnan is committed to succeed. As a daughter of an immigrant from India, Toral was led to a career in medicine. She graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s of Science as a Physician Assistant in 1999. Immediately after graduation, she practiced Cosmetic Dermatology at the famous Berman Skin Institute in Palo Alto, California where she specialized in aesthetic laser technology. Shortly after working in California, she decided to spend more time at home with her family in Dallas, Texas. In Dallas, she worked as a Physician Assistant in Facial Plastic Surgery. After two years, Toral got married and settled in Northern Virginia with her husband in 2001. In October 2001, she joined the Plastic Surgery Associates of Northern Virginia. Toral worked here for 13 years assisting and performing facial plastic surgery, full body plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as laser assisted procedures on the cutting edge of technology. Toral, along with her Supervising Physician, published internationally recognized articles. She trained physicians and other medical professionals on laser anti-aging technology.

Although Toral enjoyed working in medicine and she succeeded working in medicine, she felt that this was not her true passion. With the support of her family, she decided to jump two feet into the world of her family business, hotel management and development. She had no formal education in business however her Stanford grad father always believed that so long as you have an education, you can teach yourself anything you put your mind to.

In 2013, Toral and her family moved to Austin, Texas, purchasing her first independent motel. Here is where she learned the basics of the hotel industry. From there, her and her husband purchased and sold a few properties while managing a few others. She became partners with well known hotel brands like Crowne Plaza, Motel 6, and Comfort Inn & Suites. Soon after, Toral and her husband developed their first Hilton hotel in Round Rock, Texas.

Today, Toral and her husband own and operate 4 hotels with another 4 hotels in development. She also sits on the Tru by Hilton Owners Advisory Board as well as the Motel 6 Owners Advisory Board. Toral also serves as Advisory Director at the State Bank of Texas.

Toral is married to Rajesh Balakrishnan, a practicing dentist. She also has two beautiful daughters, Ariana & Avni.

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