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The Initiative has developed a standardized, scalable, and measurable approach to Effective Community Oriented Policing


Effective community oriented policing is a philosophy of policing whereby a police agency organizes itself, trains its officers, and implements policies to foster trust and a positive relationship between citizens and police officers. This allows for a collaborative, problem-oriented, and proactive approach to public safety.


The Initiative launched CENTRAL, which is a tool that enables police departments to measure the effectiveness of their approach to community policing.



The current state of policing is a complex objective with a broad range of purposes, and must be transparent to the communities you serve. We recognize that your resources for research and implementation are limited, and the Blue and Black Partnership is here to help.

We bring together local leaders, communities, and progressive police departments to implement healthy community policing to create mutual respect and healthy relationships between police and the communities they serve.

As part of our initial proof-of-concept, we can offer your agency a fully-funded, mutually-supported scorecard, as well as a repository of information and vetted partners to serve you in your efforts to build bridges over treacherous terrain.


The first and only scalable tool to assess community safety

Community policing is a widely-accepted approach whereby a police agency organizes itself, trains its officers and implements policies, and engages with the community in a manner that fosters trust and positive relationships between citizens and police officers to allow for a collaborative, problem-oriented and proactive approach to public safety.


YOU — complete a confidential questionnaire from the comfort of your office, in about an hour.

WE — provide you with a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment in the evaluated areas of performance (community engagement, officer training, and organizational development). Within one week of your questionnaire, you will have a personalized dashboard where you can then unpack and dive deep into each component and see how your agency compares against a database of regional and national scores.

When you achieve a score YOU’RE proud of, we will promote and assist in your efforts to communicate your success. When you achieve a score that YOU feel is in need of assistance, we will help you find funding, or in some cases, be able to provide you with the tools directly to increase your score. More importantly, you will receive clear recommendations with tangible steps that will enable you to build more effective relationships with your local community, which will lead to increased trust, higher engagement, which ultimately makes everyone safer.

In other words, there is literally no risk!

It is our sincere hope that CENTRAL will go beyond helping you identify targeted areas to improve your agency response and care for your officers, and will assist you in your efforts to build community relations and increase trust in how your officers are trained to deal with stressful encounters. So, go on, take The Initiative!

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