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THE INITIATIVE: Advancing the Blue and Black Partnership was founded by a group of Howard University Alumni and friends committed to healing the community-police relationship and building healthier communities. THE INITIATIVE identifies and funds programs that bring police and diverse communities together, intending to build productive relationships. THE INITIATIVE’s approach involves partnering with stakeholders to evolve legal and institutional practices and implement scalable solutions that create systemic change in policing practices. We are committed to measurable results and we engage with police chiefs around the country to improve the experience of policing at the local level.


Create scalable solutions that enable community stakeholders to better engage with each other to create
systemic change in policing practices.


• We create tangible outcomes that provide law enforcement agencies and communities with a scorecard
analysis on the effectiveness of their approach to community-oriented policing.

• We provide a best-in-class suite of training tools, programming, and access to a training & learning
management platform to improve community-oriented policing practices.

• We provide detailed recommendations and consulting services – Implementation of Recommendations


Partnership is at the core of everything we do. We are collaborative in our approach and partner with individuals and organizations that are aligned with our mission and vision. Together, we can deliver best-in-class solutions for all stakeholders.

We will be unrelenting in our commitment to our vision and mission. When we fail, we will acknowledge it.
When we succeed, we will celebrate it. We will hold our partners to the same standard.

We are committed to the emotional health of our communities, partners, and individual stakeholders.
We believe that we cannot do our best for others until we are committed to being our best selves.

Communities consist of people and can only flourish if we see beyond race, ethnicity, and uniform and see the humanity within us all. We must exhibit empathy to all the stakeholders in our communities.

We are committed to creating a means for stakeholders living and working within a certain geographical area or neighborhood to have a voice in that area’s development.

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