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Susan Schwartz

Founder, The SODA Fund™

Susan Schwartz is an award-winning, experienced, and accomplished creative services strategist, author, journalist, and nonprofit founder, who prides herself on her ability to deliver high-quality content and optimized branding experiences to her readers, clients, and partners. Her hands-on experience as a leader in both large organizations and overseeing national campaigns allows her to deliver results-based outcomes that are both reliable and sustainable.

Susan has a degree in Communications/Criminal Justice from The American University and completed post-grad studies in Public Health at John Hopkins University. Susan started as an investigative journalist, where her work led her to Knight-Ridder Tribune in The National Press Building. She wrote, reported, and produced stories for national network news and then transitioned to a career in IT at America Online, working in business development, operations, production, and International software product development. Susan contributes to projects with partners such as HuffPost, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, Medium, YourTango, and The SODA-Pop.

Five years ago, Susan turned her time and attention directly to the cause of helping those who are in domestic abuse situations and founded a national nonprofit, The SODA Fund INC, dedicated to helping victims and survivors of domestic abuse. She is the principal of four enterprises and has published a book, SPARKS IN LOVE, which she hopes will serve as both an educational and cautionary tale to everyone who reads it. Susan is a mom to two teenage boys and hopes that her work will contribute to a world in which all children can feel safe every day – and in all circumstances.

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